Course Description

if we are unhappy at work we will be unhappy in life because we spend so much of our waking life at work.

Work happiness and success comes from factors such as:

  • Finding value and meaning in your job
  • Doing work you are good at
  • Learning and growing
  • Having good relationships with your colleagues
  • Being employable

Find out what your rating is in these areas plus get expert recommendations on where to improve.

This will improve your earnings and happiness.


Keith Tatley

Keith is a reforming Chartered Accountant. After 20 years of senior finance experience he did a yoga teachers trainers course and realised that people are focussing on the wrong things at work. He realised that technical skills are important but they don't get you anywhere without soft skills. Keith is grateful for the wonderful work experience he's had and he thinks he got a fantastic qualification but he wishes that someone had shown him how to be a better manager when he was first starting out. This is why he is using the magic of the internet to provide what he never had because he knows that this is the secret to confidence, satisfaction and progression.Keith loves to find better ways of doing things and thinks he has a knack for strategy and problem solving.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Overview

    • What They Don't Teach You in School

  • 2

    Self Leadership: Taking Control of your Destiny by Growing and Learning

    • Why People are Unhappy and How to Save Yourself

    • What is Your Self Leadership Development Score?

    • The Unconventional Path to Success: Acceptance

    • How to Invest in Your Growth - YOUR Power Hour (tm)

  • 3

    Are You in the Right Job for You? Rate Your Job

    • Job Rater

    • What Does Your Score Mean and What to do About it

  • 4

    Are You Employable? Can You Find the Job You Want Easily and Quickly?

    • What is Your Employability Score?

  • 5

    For Managers: Are Your Employees a Source of Stress or Success?

    • What is Your Boss Score?

  • 6

    Conclusion and Next Steps

    • Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Community

    • CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits

    • Are You on the List for the Next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find Out How to Apply Here

    • Feedback Please