Course Description

Keith Tatley

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Setting Yourself Up For Success

    • Do This First!

    • Exercise: Planning and Commitment to Develop Your Delegation Skills

  • 2


    • Introduction to Effective Delegation

    • Mindset Beware the Delegation Death Spiral

    • Sir Richard Branson and other Successful Leaders on Delegation

    • What Happens When You Don’t Delegate Enough to Your Staff?

    • Delegation as an Essential Management Skill

    • Overview of the Delegation Process - Setting Yourself up For Your Best Shot at Continued Success

    • Your Boss Super Power and Delegation

    • Mythbusting: The Biggest Delegation Myth "If you want something done right, do it yourself"

    • Delegation Case Study: The Time a Weak Employee Excelled

  • 3

    The Benefits of Delegation

    • The Known and Lesser Known Benefits of Delegation for Managers

    • Benefits of Delegation for Employees

    • Benefits of Delegation for Companies

    • Effective Delegation: The Management Sweetspot

  • 4

    The Essential Manager Skills

    • The Management Foundations

  • 5


    • Next Steps

    • Certificate for Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

    • Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Community

    • CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits

    • Are You on the List for the Next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find Out How to Apply Here

    • Feedback Please

  • 6


    • How to Earn Your Certificate

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