Course Description


Getting your staff to do what you want them to do is difficult. And talking to employees about performance can be like walking through a minefield. Staff push-back, they go into denial, they get argumentative, tie you up in long discussions etc. In short they do everything but actually fix the problem.


You can fix these problems and improve employee performance with Inspiring Performance Communication. When done right, this type of employee feedback is:

  • Non-confrontational,
  • Listened to,
  • Not-time consuming and,
  • Effective at getting your staff to fix their own problems.


Using Inspiring Performance Communication is the best way to get better employee performance. This course will show you how to:

  • Take back control of your time,
  • Improve employee performance,
  • Improve productivity,
  • Encourage employee accountability,
  • Increase employee ownership.

“Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement.”

- Donald A. Laird

Keith Tatley

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Setting Yourself Up For Success

    • Do This First!

    • Exercise: Planning and Commitment to Develop Your Performance Communication Skills

  • 2

    Employee Performance Feedback Checkup

    • Employee Performance Quiz

    • Employee Performance Feedback Quiz Answers

    • Awareness - Are You Giving Enough Feedback?

    • Recognizing the Signs of Poor Employee Performance

    • It's Your Duty as a Manager to Disclose

    • Performance Communication - A Secret Ninja Manager Skill

    • A Story to Illustrate How Easy Performance Communication Can Be

    • Top 3 Priorities You Want From Employees

  • 3

    Action Steps & Dialogues for Performance Communication

    • Emotional Impact - Staying Proactive Through Manager Zen

    • Being a Lion or a Mouse

  • 4

    Where and When to Give Performance Communication

    • Why One on Ones are the Best Place to Give Performance Communication

    • Free One on One Training For You

    • Free One on One Training for Your Employees

    • The Inspiring Performance Communication Business Case

  • 5

    Inspiring Performance Communication Theory

    • Introduction

    • Inspiring Performance Communication as an Essential Manager Skill

    • The Benefits of Inspiring Performance Communication

    • Feedback Vision - The Role of Feedback in Happy, Productive Companies

    • What Happens When You Don't Give Your Staff Performance Communication

    • Demanding Vs Supportive

    • Feedback Myths: Feedback is Confrontational

    • Feedback Myths: Feedback is Only for Performance Reviews

    • Feedback Myths: Feedback is Negative

  • 6

    Performance Communication Mistakes and Problems

    • Common Feedback Mistakes - The Feedback Sandwich

    • Common Feedback Mistakes - Being Too Negative

    • Common Feedback Mistakes - Why You Must Not Ask Why

    • Common Feedback Mistakes - Making it Personal

    • Common Feedback Mistakes - Being Emotional

  • 7

    Fixing Performance Problems with Positive Feedback

    • The Power of Positive Feedback

    • Don't be so Negative - How to Fix Problems With Positive Feedback

    • Turning Negatives into Positives

    • The Magic Ratio for Positive Results

    • Positive Feedback as a Gratitude Practice

    • The Feedback Reversal Challenge

  • 8

    Using DISC in Performance Communication

    • The DISC Guide to Effective Performance Communication

  • 9

    How to Successfully Implements Performance Communication

    • Implementing Performance Communication

    • Changed Managed and Phased Implementation

    • Performance Communication Theory: Inspiring Performance Communication

  • 10

    Step 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success

    • How to Achieve Your Goals

    • Your POWER Hour™️ How to Stick to Your Development

    • How to Stick to Your Development - Power Hour Worksheet Download

  • 11

    Step 2: Preparation, Planning, Commitment, Objective

    • Commitment to the Process

    • Preparation, Planning, Commitment, Objective Worksheet

  • 12

    Step 3: Theory

    • Know and Understand the Theory

  • 13

    Step 4: Communication and Engagement

    • Communication and Engagement Worksheet

  • 14

    Step 5: Practical Exercises

    • Exercise 1: Beginner Feedback

    • Exercise 2: Positive Feedback to Top Performers

    • Exercise 3: Positive Feedback to All Staff

    • Exercise 4: Negative Feedback to Top Performers

    • Exercise 5: Negative Feedback to All Staff

  • 15

    Step 6: Embedding Change

    • Objective

    • Method

    • "Super User" Tip: One on One Meetings With Staff

  • 16

    Conclusion and Next Steps

    • Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Community

    • CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits

    • Are You on the List for the Next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find Out How to Apply Here

    • Feedback Please