Interview Success for Job Seekers

Interview Success

taught by Keith Tatley
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Course Curriculum

Guide to What You Need to Know About Your Job Search FREE PREVIEW
3 Steps to Successful Interviewing - Video FREE PREVIEW
3 Steps to Successful Interviewing: Connect - Competence - Closing FREE PREVIEW
If You Can't be With the One You Love, Love the One You're With FREE PREVIEW
Interview Skills Assessment FREE PREVIEW
What Recruiters do With Your Personality Test FREE PREVIEW
Not Getting Interviews? Find Out What's Wrong With Your Resume FREE PREVIEW
The Healthy, Happy Career Checklist FREE PREVIEW
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Interview Checklist FREE PREVIEW
Interview Checklist for Job Seekers FREE PREVIEW
5 Ways to Control Interview Anxiety and Improve Self-Confidence FREE PREVIEW
How to Control Interview Anxiety FREE PREVIEW
What You Must Ask Your Interviewer Before a Job Interview FREE PREVIEW
Are You Looking for a New Job Because Your Boss Sucks? FREE PREVIEW
How Bad is Your Boss? Boss Rater is Fun! FREE PREVIEW
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Step 1: Connect
Introduction FREE PREVIEW
How to Build Rapport for Interview Success FREE PREVIEW
How to Manage Body Language for Interview Success FREE PREVIEW
How to Dress for Interview Success FREE PREVIEW
How to Dress for Interview Success FREE PREVIEW
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Step 2: Competence
Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Behavioral Interview Questions - The STAR Technique FREE PREVIEW
Your Complete Guide to Answering Difficult Interview Questions FREE PREVIEW
Interview Questions Recruiters Expect You to be Prepared For FREE PREVIEW
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Step 3: Closing
Introduction FREE PREVIEW
Good Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer FREE PREVIEW
How to Close a Job Interview FREE PREVIEW
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Salary Negotiation
The Hidden Benefits of Negotiating Your Salary FREE PREVIEW
The Biggest Salary Negotiation Mistakes
Negotiating Your Salary - Finding Out What You Are Worth
Negotiating Your Salary - The Money Off The Table Salary Negotiation Technique
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How to Keep Your Job Shiny and Brand New FREE PREVIEW
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Personal Branding
How to Answer the, "Tell Me About Yourself" Interview Question FREE PREVIEW
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Resume/ CV/ Cover Letter
How to Write a Winning CV FREE PREVIEW
CV Template Download FREE PREVIEW
Cover Letter Template Download FREE PREVIEW
How to Write a Resume That Gets Past Applicant Tracking Systems Download FREE PREVIEW
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Closing and Next Steps
CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits FREE PREVIEW
Feedback Please
Keeping Your Job Shiny and Brand New FREE PREVIEW
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Course description

Getting a job you love is hard because there's a lot of competition for great jobs and school shows you how to do a job, not how to get a job.

Working with the recruitment industry has shown me what recruiters and managers look for in employees. Plus it's shown me what mistakes job seekers make that no-one tells them about.

This is a reference course for you to improve your interview and job search. Because when you are more employable then you will:

  • Get better jobs
  • Get higher paid jobs
  • Get jobs in shorter time and
  • Have confidence that you can get a job
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Keith Tatley
Keith Tatley

Keith is a reforming Chartered Accountant. After 20 years of senior finance experience he did a yoga teachers trainers course and realised that people are focussing on the wrong things at work. He realised that technical skills are important but they don't get you anywhere without soft skills.

Keith is grateful for the wonderful work experience he's had and he thinks he got a fantastic qualification but he wishes that someone had shown him how to be a better manager when he was first starting out. This is why he is using the magic of the internet to provide what he never had because he knows that this is the secret to confidence, satisfaction and progression.

Keith loves to find better ways of doing things and thinks he has a knack for strategy and problem solving.