Course Description

Find out how to use mentoring as an employee development tool to motivate and inspire your staff to improve their skills and grow professionally.

Keith Tatley

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is Mentoring?

    • Mentoring Vs. Coaching and Training

    • The Benefits of Mentoring

  • 2

    Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

    • Skills, Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentor

    • Skills, Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentee

  • 3

    The Mentoring Process

    • Key Steps for a Successful Mentoring Process

    • Tips to Make the Mentoring Arrangement Work Better

  • 4

    Conclusion and Next Steps

    • Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Community

    • CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits

    • Are You on the List for the Next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find Out How to Apply Here

    • Feedback Please